Advantages/difference compared to Conservo magnetic frames:

The Conservo magnetic frame can optionally be supplemented with the 5 mm high D5 insert frame as an integrated spacer. With this variant, the selection of profiles and strips is limited due to the width of the D5 spacer/insertion frame. On request, we also manufacture the Conservo-Distance magnetic frame as a special solution.

The Conservo magnetic frame is equipped with a full-surface rear panel made of eloxated aluminium and magnetic spacer strips with a height of 5 or 10 mm. This construction also allows the use of narrow aluminium profiles and wooden strips, analogous to the distance magnetic frame. In addition, the aluminium rear panel offers extra stability and flatness even for thinner KLUG corrugated cartons, museum cartons or folding passe-partouts. All other features of the CONSERVO magnetic frame are, of course, retained - the BS 1 R invisible image protection is also available as an option.

Several museums already chose Conservo-Distance magnetic frames and are convinced. Take a look at the special version and get in touch with us - we will be happy to advise you comprehensively on all options for your "museum magnetic frame" made to measure.

Here we show you the differences between Conservo and Conservo-Distance magnetic frames in comparison:

CONSERVO magnetic frame

CONSERVO-DISTANCE magnetic frame

conservo magnetrahmen rueckseite
CONSERVO back panel: A Klug corrugated cardboard, loosely inserted into the Professional basic element of the CONSERVO, forms the rear wall. This is the proven standard version of the CONSERVO magnetic frame.
conservo distance rueckseite
CONSERVO-DISTANCE back panel: The Professional basic element of the CONSERVO-DISTANCE is additionally equipped with an eloxated aluminium sheet for increased stability and optimum flatness properties. 
conservo grundelement innen
CONSERVO basic element If the corrugated cardboard of the CONSERVO is removed from the basic element, you can see the open sheet steel angular frame - the base of the frame without rear panel.
conservo distance grundelement innen
CONSERVO-DISTANCE basic element: Beim CONSERVO-DISTANCE ist das Grundelement unter dem losen Wellkarton vollflächig geschlossen – durch eine eloxierte Aluminiumoberfläche. Diese ist robust und bietet die perfekte Planlage.
conservo blechwinkel innen
CONSERVO sheet metal angle: The sheet metal angle protrudes circumferentially beyond the corrugated board: this protrusion defines the insertion depth inside the frame and can be adjusted at no extra charge.
conservo distance distanzleisten
CONSERVO-DISTANCE spacer bars: The CONSERVO-DISTANCE is equipped as standard with magnetically removable spacer strips, available in 5 or 10 mm height - we will be happy to advise you in detail.
conservo geschlossen detail
CONSERVO final result: The CONSERVO without spacer bar, here with a passepartout directly behind the glass. The CONSERVO cannot be distinguished from the CLASSIC magnetic frame from the front.
conservo distance geschlossen detail
CONSERVO-DISTANCE final result: With the CONSERVO-DISTANCE, the distance to the glass is always included - a design option that is popular from a conservation point of view, with or without passepartout.

Practical handling

The CONSERVO-DISTANCE is also well thought-out when it comes to handling: small recesses make it safe and convenient to remove the inserted materials. In this case, the picture frame is filled with the standard corrugated cardboard, a folding passepartout, a magnetic spacer strip 5 mm high and the glass. The recess ends at the top edge of the eloxated aluminium surface in the basic element for optimum handling. After locking in the optional BS 1 R picture lock, the CONSERVO-DISTANCE magnetic frame is ready for presentation - comfortable and safe, in best museum quality.

conservo distance aufgefaechert 1 1 1

Conservo-Distance in Stedelijk Museum

The CONSERVO-DISTANCE magnetic frame is used, for example, in the Stedelijk Museum, about which we have already reported . The individual magnetic frames according to the customer's wishes meet exactly the museum's special requirements for framing.

Conservo-Distance in Stedelijk Museum