Art as Therapy

A long hospital corridor with grey wall paint - a place where no one likes to linger for long. The surgical department at St. Elisabeth Hospital in Cologne-Hohenlind has countered this with a simple remedy. Under the title: "Art as Therapy", works by the artist Helga Gendriesch adorn the grey walls of the department. A total of 82 colourful paintings, all created between 1997 and 2014, are intended to give viewers hope and confidence. She works with various colours such as oil, acrylic and linoleum paints, which are often applied with a roller.

The artist from Dormagen has had to deal with many strokes of fate herself. She has found support in art and would like to share this with others who have been affected.

Already in May 2008 Mrs. Gendriesch had used HALBE picture frames for an exhibition in the Ballhaus, Düsseldorf. The works in the hospital Cologne-Hohenlind are mostly framed in white maple frames from HALBE.

Photographs: Markus Bollen, Helga Gendriesch