Artist: Louise Bourgeois, Sean Scully, Antonio Saura, Bernar Venet und Günther Uecker

Place: Art Düsseldorf
Date: 30.03. until 02.04.2023

Galerie Boisserée presents outstanding artists at Art Düsseldorf 2023

At Art Düsseldorf 2023, the renowned Galerie Boisserée presented an impressive range of artists, including Louise Bourgeois, Sean Scully, Antonio Saura, Bernar Venet and Günther Uecker. Each of these artists brought their unique story and individual style to the exhibition, presenting visitors with a fascinating variety of contemporary art.

The artworks on display range from the impressive black and white works of Louise Bourgeois, which often take up the motif of the spider and reflect her own childhood with a difficult relationship with her father as well as the care of her mother. According to Bourgeois, the spider symbolises the maternal and protective.

This connection stems from her mother's work in the family carpet workshop, where she worked a lot with threads and carpets that reminded Bourgeois of spiders.

The range of art on display also extends from abstract and colourful works by Sean Scully, who plays with colour, form, surface, structure, body and light, to the impressive steel sculptures by French sculptor Bernar Venet. This diversity reflects the unique artistic palette presented at Art Düsseldorf 2023.

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