Three dimensional art in picture frames

The artistic work "Deutschland Reiseatlas 2014/2015, 1:200 000" by Miki Lin is comprised of a total of 106 DIN A3 drawings framed in white Alu Distance magnetic frames. What's interesting is the graphic process of abstraction of the river names but also the way the picture frames are hung. Close together, side by side and on top of each other the individual magnetic frames create a large map of Germany constructed by river names.

Born in Tokyo, Miki Lin now lives and works in Berlin. Her work, "Deutschland Reiseatlas 2014/2015", reveals the natural and original form of the rivers. As a basis, she has used the names of the creeks and rivers from the German travel atlas, which have become illegible through her graphic process of abstraction and thereby somehow extinct. What's left are vibrant blue lines, for the names are proper names that people once gave to the rivers to determine them. They only exist in our human world.

Ultimately, the result is a stunning composition of drawings and frames that create a map of Germany. The map is constructed by the the river names, the places are no longer determinable.

© Images: Miki Lin