About our mounting systems

In addition to choosing the right picture frame and the right place to display your picture, the way of mounting and hanging also plays an important role in the presentation of photographs, graphics or other prints. At HALBE you can choose from two mounting systems: Hanging directly on the wall or hanging on a rope with gallery rails. Are you unsure how to properly mount your picture frames? The following article provides solutions and helps you find the right mounting system for your picture frames.

Flexible with gallery rails

Gallery rails are particularly suitable if you want to change your arrangement regularly. In addition, gallery rails score as an optical design element and look very nice in living rooms, offices and exhibitions. The gallery rails from HALBE are available in "silver matt" and "white matt". Silver-coloured gallery rails look very classy on walls with exposed concrete and the white rails are particularly suitable for white walls, as they are less conspicuous and bring the frame and the picture into focus.

In contrast to the classic hanging on angled hooks or nails, the gallery rails from HALBE do not cause any damage in the immediate field of vision on the wall and can be mounted quickly and easily at any time. This means that you remain very flexible in terms of hanging, even if you want to change a few frames. Our rails have a standard length of three meters. We recommend that you order suitable cut-to-size pieces if you do not want to adjust the gallery rails for your picture frames yourself on site.

How to fix a picture frame with a gallery rail

Attaching a gallery rail to your wall is easier than you think.

Step 1: : Mark a drill hole at even intervals (approx. 30 to 35 cm / three wall clips per metre).
Step 2 : Drill the holes at the marked points. Use a drill bit with a diameter of six millimetres. Then insert dowels into the holes and screw on the wall clamps.
Step 3: Mount the end caps on the gallery rails and fasten the rail diagonally from top to bottom into the wall clamps.
Step 4: In the last step, insert the ropes at the desired location in the gallery rail.

We recommend the following accessories for the gallery rail of HALBE:

  • Stainless steel rope with Cobra hook from HALBE
    You can easily insert this practical solution into the gallery rail from below. The stable rope variant is also available in the versions perlon and stainless steel rope with loop. For the variant with loop you need the matching sliding hooks in white or nickel-plated. All ropes are available at HALBE in 1.5 or 2 meter lengths.
  • Fixed hanger and double fixed hanger
    The link between the frame and the suspension rope is the fixed hanger from HALBE. This hanger is not only adapted to our magnetic frames, but also enables quick and easy hanging of the picture frames compared to conventional hooks. Especially practical is the stepless adjustment in any position by the self-locking mechanism of the fix hanger
  • Universal hook
    The Universal Hook has a similar automatic clamping mechanism as the Fix Hanger and can be used for hanging smaller and medium-sized formats, for example.It is particularly suitable for use with other manufacturers' frames. It is not ideal for HALBE magnetic frames, as it protrudes slightly over the frame and is visible from the front.

Please note: For medium-sized and large picture frames, we strongly recommend the use of HALBE fixed hangers or double fixed hangers. For small picture frames you can also use a knurled thumb screw or a universal hook.

Classically with nails and screws

For those who prefer it more classic and simple, we recommend using screws or nails. This form of picture frame mounting is a cheaper alternative compared to the gallery rail and is particularly suitable if the picture frames are very rarely replaced. The suspension with screws or nails is possible either at one or at two points.


What you need to bear in mind when mounting the picture frames

Mounting the picture frames with an angled hook is very simple: Drill one or two holes and then insert the dowel into the hole. Now screw the angled hook into the dowel and then hang the picture frame. The square holes (two on each side) are particularly suitable for aligning the picture frame horizontally. The middle holes (one per side) can also be used in combination with a picture lock.

Fastening with picture lock

In public spaces such as galleries or museums, the anti-theft protection of picture frames is of great importance. With a picture lock you ensure a permanent, theft-protected attachment. And on sloping walls in private areas, a picture lock protects against falling down. At HALBE you can choose between two product categories: Protection against unauthorized opening as well as securing the frame to the wall.

If you want to provide protection against unauthorized opening, you can choose between the following products:

Picture lock BS1

  • Prevents unauthorized opening
  • Opening only possible with special tool
  • Picture lock hardly visible

The picture lock BS1 is available for the following picture frames:

  • Classic magnetic frame
  • Distance magnetic frame
  • B1 magnetic frame
  • Conservo magnetic frame
Produkt Bildsicherung BS1

The picture lock BS1R scores with

  • security on the back
  • convenient locking mechanism

The BS1R is available for Converso magnetic frames and Protect magnetic frame.

Produkt Bildsicherung BS1R 2

The picture lock BS3 reliably secures the basic element and is particularly suitable for door signs or in shop fitting. The BS3 is delivered including screws and dowels and is available for the following picture frames:

  • Classic magnetic frame
  • B1 magnetic frame
  • Display magnetic frame
Produkt Bildsicherung BS31

The retrofittable picture lock BS4 reliably prevents picture frames from falling down and is suitable for all formats. In addition, the BS4 secures against the hanging of picture frames.

  • Classic magnetic frame
  • Distance magnetic frame
  • B1 magnetic frame
  • Conservo magnetic frame
  • Conservo magnetic frame
Produkt Bildsicherung BS4 2

Fixing picture frames flexibly to the wall

Whether you want to fix your pictures in museums, galleries, offices or in your own home: HALBE has the right fixing system for you. Our high-quality products can be mounted quickly and easily on walls and ceilings and impress with their quality and timeless design. Even on sloping walls, special fastening systems from HALBE provide perfect protection.