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David Halbe - 26. August 2021

James Welling at MAC's Grand-Hornu

"Cento" über antike Architektur American artist and photographer James Welling is currently presenting his new exhibition "Cento" at the Musée des Arts Contemporains in Grand-Hornu, Belgium. Until August 29, visitors can experience the artist's ... . More 

David Halbe - 02. August 2021

"My story with HALBE"

Egon Caspari about his history with HALBE 75 Jahre HALBE - und Egon Caspari ist seit über vier Jahrzehnten als treuer Kunde mit dabei. Anlässlich unseres Jubiläums gibt der Fotograf einen Einblick in seine Erfahrungen mit HALBE.  How did he ... . More 

David Halbe - 30. Juli 2021

fotowirtschaft: Interview with David Halbe

David Halbe on the Importance of Picture Frames Timeless picture frames have been playing a major role in interior design again for some time now. The trend is moving away from pictures on acrylic glass or other materials, and back to the classic framed ... . More 

David Halbe - 08. Juli 2021

Ursula Edelmann

The exhibition This year, Frankfurt photographer Ursula Edelmann celebrates her 95th birthday. Since June 16, visitors to the KunstRaum Bernusstraße can experience the artist's life's work anew. The exhibition was curated by Rudi Feuser and Stefanie ... . More 

David Halbe - 20. Mai 2021

How to frame Rizzi's 3D works

What is important to consider when framing? The 3D constructions of Pop Art artist James Rizzi, who died in 2011, are known all over the world. Rizzi designed countless of his characteristically colourful 3D works over the course of his extraordinary ... . More 

David Halbe - 07. April 2021

collected stories by Flo Maak

About the exhibition The exhibition collected stories by photographer Flo Maak can be seen at Galerie Bernhard Knaus Fine Art in Frankfurt until the end of April. In his installation „The Red Green" Maak deals with the worldwide spread of the plant ... . More 

David Halbe - 10. März 2021

Outer dimension, picture dimension, light dimension & Co.

What to consider when buying a frame The most important thing when buying a picture frame is that a particular picture fits into the frame. It is not always possible to fit pictures to the frame in terms of size, especially when it comes to older and rare ... . More 

David Halbe - 03. März 2021

Stars & starlets

Picture frame: The most flexible solution for posters in the youth room Regular redecorating is no problem at all if you use picture frames to hang the posters in the youth room. The posters are not damaged and are safely stored. If a different motif is ... . More 

David Halbe - 25. Februar 2021

Bring colour into play

What always works: contrasting black and white Picture frames embellish every wall - a coloured wall, however, can present a certain challenge. After all, your motifs should be shown to advantage without appearing cluttered. Picture frames offer you ... . More