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Tag: Passepartout

David Halbe - 26. Juni 2023

A mount with multiple cut-outs – That's how easy it is.

What is a mount? A mount is a cardboard with one or more cut-outs that is placed between the picture and the glass. The use of a mount opens up additional possibilities for design during the framing process and refines the overall effect of the picture. ... . More 

David Halbe - 28. September 2022

Picture presentation with CLASSIC and DISTANCE

What are the possibilities? "Come on, let's hang this picture.""But where?""Well, over that sideboard, there's plenty of room.""But you need a passepartout, and then the picture is way too big."Many conversations on the subject of wall design at home or ... . More 

Tim Hensel - 27. September 2022

Design a passepartout? This is how it works!

Interview with Tim Almost every day we receive questions about passepartout in picture frames. What do you need a passepartout for anyway? What size does the cutout have to be? What is the best color to choose? We talk about this with Tim, our expert for ... . More 

Tim Hensel - 27. September 2022

Conservational framing made easy

Mounting in a folding passepartout with clear photo corners Framing with a passepartout is one of the most classic ways of framing. It gives the picture a perfect stage by setting it apart and emphasizes it in a special way. The picture is smaller than ... . More 

David Halbe - 05. Mai 2022

Craft and art

A perfect combination Unter dem Titel "Handwerk triff Kunst“ ist noch bis 22.05.22 die Kunstausstellung bei der Argental-Elektrik von Winfried Ruetz in Tettnang – Oberlangnau zu sehen. Mit dabei sind auch Fotografien des Hochzeitsfotografen ... . More 

David Halbe - 14. Dezember 2021

Anton Leitner

Frames as a calendar The frames from HALBE are characterised by their particularly quick and easy framing from the front. The artist Anton Leitner has asked himself which occasions there are for frequent changes during the year. Because apart from ... . More 

David Halbe - 25. Februar 2021

Bring colour into play

What always works: contrasting black and white Picture frames embellish every wall - a coloured wall, however, can present a certain challenge. After all, your motifs should be shown to advantage without appearing cluttered. Picture frames offer you ... . More 

David Halbe - 25. November 2020

Passepartout or folding passepartout?

What is a mount? Our frames can be used for many different purposes. Therefore we offer not only the most different frames, but also the suitable accessories for all cases. With passepartouts we basically differentiate between two types: The simple ... . More 

David Halbe - 28. Oktober 2020

ALPENFLORA by Cordula Flegel

ALPENFLORA at Hotel Ameron Neuschwanstein The ALPENFLORA series by Cordula Flegel ( is presented in 89 newly built rooms at the Hotel Ameron Neuschwanstein near Lake Alpsee. The photojournalist from Upper Bavaria mainly photographs ... . More