Do I have to fix pictures in the picture frame?

We are often asked whether pictures need to be fixed in the picture frame, and what the best way to do this is. There are many different ways to mount pictures in the frame - we'll show you what's involved.

In many cases, pictures are simply inserted into the frame. In this case, the picture is fixed by the glass or pressed on passepartout without the need for further fasteners. This is possible with a full-surface framing with or without passepartout.

The advantage of our magnetic frame principle is that each picture is simply inserted into the picture frame from the front. In the twinkling of an eye your picture sits in the frame, without annoying adjustment or turning around. But even with other classic picture frames, the picture is held in place by the glass.

Whether a picture needs further fixing after all depends on how it is to be presented in the frame. Is the picture smaller than the frame, or is it to be mounted free-standing (with visible picture edge)? Then fixation is needed so that the picture does not slip.

What are the possibilities for fixing?

  • With one or more strips of adhesive tape, small to medium-sized pictures can be easily fixed to the passepartout or background.
  • Particularly heavy or large works can be effectively fixed to the frame with special folds of tape.
  • Clear photo corners can also be used for mounting.

Want to learn more about mounting pictures professionally? You can find detailed information and step-by-step instructions on all mounting options in our knowledge section on mounting pictures.