About the exhibition

Philipp Benkert, a graduate of the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, created an impressive exhibition entitled "Der Schatten des Objekts des Ereignisses" (The Shadow of the Object of the Event) as part of his final examination. The event here is the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. The starting point and object of the work is the mobile phone.

The photographer burned several cell phones that were proven to be present at the event in ovens at different temperatures, the values of which are related in different ways to the event or its narrative. Benkert then photographed approximately 5x4cm sections of each of the burned phones. More about the exhibition can be found on the website of the AdBK Munich.

About the frames

For the exhibition Benkert presented his works in HALBE DISTANCE magnetic frames with 10mm profiles in white ash. The 100x140cm picture frames with spacer bars give the photographs additional depth without pushing themselves into the foreground.

© Pictures of the exhibition: Edzard Probst, Website www.derfotograf.de