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Picture Frames for Collages

Presenting pictures on the wall as a collage is more trendy than ever. Several picture frames are arranged to form an appealing overall picture. A collage of picture frames fits the most diverse furnishing styles and can, depending on taste, look very different. We show you some examples and tell you which picture frames are particularly suitable for collages. Let us inspire you!


Finding the right picture frame for collages

A collage of framed pictures on the wall is an interesting eye-catcher. When choosing frames, the following applies: less is more. Decide on a design element that is different - unless you love the colourful mess. In that case, specifically choose completely different picture frames and just the opposite, make sure that each frame differs from the other in as many features as possible.

For an ordinary collage you proceed like this: To achieve a coherent overall picture, we recommend choosing picture frames for the collage that differ in only one feature. These features include:

  • Size of the picture frame
  • Format of the picture frame (rectangular or square)
  • Colour of the picture frame
  • Material of the picture frame

For example, choose all picture frames in the shade of white and different sizes and formats. Or you can choose square picture frames of the same format, which differ in colour or material.

Tip: To provide an accent, you can choose a picture frame that clearly stands out from the others - for example, a black frame in the middle of a collage of white picture frames.


Ideas for collages in picture frames

Collage of white picture frames

A collage of white picture frames fits in with many current furnishing styles as well as with classic furnishing trends, such as the country house style. White frames tend to blend into the background. Therefore, you can be a little more courageous here in terms of the selection of different shapes and formats.

You can choose the motifs for the collage of white picture frames according to your mood. Popular is the idea to place a slogan of individual letters on the wall. For example, you can integrate short words like "LOVE" or "SUN" or a motto like "Be happy" letter by letter or as individual words as a connecting element in the collage. If the picture motifs also fit thematically, you have created an individual work of art.

The right picture frames for this collage: White frames in different sizes and formats can be freely combined.


Collage of picture frame and wall clock

Why not combine the useful with the beautiful: a wall clock as part of a collage looks good in the living room or study. It is ideal if the clock is either made of a similar material to the picture frames in the collage, or if you place the clock itself in a picture frame. A Distance frame is suitable for this, in which you can easily accommodate a clock movement. Instead of a glass plate, use a cardboard box in a matching colour, cut a hole in it and insert the hands through it. You can buy corresponding clock blanks in the shops. The advantage of this is that the clock stands out visually from the other frames in the collage only in that it is not a picture but moving hands. This creates a particularly interesting impression.

The right picture frames for this collage: A frame with sufficient depth is needed if the clock is to be integrated, otherwise there are free design options.


The picture frame collage on a background

This design idea is a little more elaborate, but all the more effective for it: A collage of picture frames is applied to a panel that is attached to the wall with some space between them. LED strips can be attached behind this to further enhance the attractive effect of the collage of picture frames. The light effect makes the picture frame collage stand out visually from the wall. However, the panel can also be attached directly to the wall.

Depending on the style and design idea, different materials are suitable - from wood in the shabby chic look to the individually designed light foam board. You are free to choose the shape of the board. Once you have attached the board to the wall, attach the frames to it.

The right picture frames for this collage: frames that visually match the background, depending on the plate they should not have too much weight - with wood this restriction does not apply.

We hope you have fun choosing the right picture frames for the collage and putting together the motifs!