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Insert Frame D5

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Individual format
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Color Insert Frame:

  • ER5SI210210


Frame within frame: Accessory spacer

Like the Distance Magnetic Frame, the Insert Frame D5 creates a space between the glass and the picture. With a height of only 5 mm the spacer can be used for the Classic, B1, Conservo and Protect frames as a "frame within a frame”.

Differences to the Distance Magnetic Frame:

The profiles of the insert frame are connected by four robust corner joints. Compared to the four individual, magnetically fixated spacers of the Distance Magnetic Frame, we recommend the Insert Frame D5 as the more sturdy option in case your art is subjected to e. g. vibrations during shipping.

Whether it’s cardboard, pictures with a passe-partout or works entirely filling the frame – the insert frame creates an automatic distance to the glass. This not only adds to the overall design, it also fulfills the conservation aspect if the glass is under no circumstances to touch the picture.

Order information:

When ordering the magnetic frame, the insertion depth in the frame configurator must be adjusted accordingly. 

(E.g.: 0.5 mm picture + 3.0 mm passe-partout + 5.0 mm insert frame = 8.5 mm insertion depth required for the frame).

We produce insert frames according to your specifications exactly to the millimetre, for all sizes from 130 x 130 mm to 1200 x 1400 mm. Larger ordering formats of up to 1400 x 2500 mm on request.



  • Combinable with Alu 12, Alu 14, Alu 18, Wood 20 and Wood 22 profiles
    (not combinable with Alu 6, Alu 8, Wood 10 and Wood 16)
  • Made of aluminum with robust stainless steel corner joints
  • Easy to handle during framing 
  • Matt anodized silver or lacquered matching the cardboard colours
  • Ordering format of the insert frame = ordering format of the frame
  • Alternative to the Distance Magnetic Frame as spacer with 5 mm height
  • For Classic, B1, Conservo and Protect Magnetic Frames
  • Required insertion depth of the magnetic frame adjustable without extra charge
  • Profile height of the insert frame: 5 mm
  • Profile width of the insert frame: 5,5 mm


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28 Apr 2021

Gerade durch die…

Gerade durch die Möglichkeit die Farbe zu wählen, ein echt tolles Produkt.

26 Jan 2021

Sehr gute Qualität!

Sehr gute Qualität!

26 Oct 2020

perfekte Lösung um…

perfekte Lösung um Distanz zu schaffen (z.B. im Conserco-Rahmen). Eine günstiger Lösung kann ein Distanzrahmen sein.

8 Jul 2020

Folgt nicht exakt dem…

Folgt nicht exakt dem Rahmen, da zu wenige Magnete im Einlegerahmen eingebaut.

Bitte melden Sie sich gerne bei Ihrem Ansprechpartner, wenn der Einlegerahmen nicht passgenau sein sollte.