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Corrugated board

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10% discount on passepartouts & cardboards.

10% discount on passepartouts & cardboards

Framing with a passepartout looks more valuable overall and opens up various design possibilities to skilfully stage a picture and emphasise its effect. Save 10% on passepartouts and cardboards*.

* Offer valid until 16.08.2022. Cannot be combined with other offers.

*1 Offer valid until 16/08/2022
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Klug-Conservation's corrugated cardboard meets the highest conservation requirements and is versatile: With a thickness of either 5 mm or 6.6 mm, the material is significantly stronger than a thinner passe-partout cardboard and offers a high degree of stability. Because of its properties, the material is extremely popular for framing pictures for conservation purposes or for professional archival purposes.

The material is used as standard in the CONSERVO, CONSERVO-DISTANCE and PROTECT magnetic frames from HALBE. And even when cut to size, corrugated cardboard increases the flexibility of using our magnetic frames.


A practical tip:

You want to use your magnetic frames as variable as possible in terms of insertion depth: Then order your frames with an increased insertion depth and optionally fill the space inside the frame with corrugated cardboard. For example, you can temporarily remove the 5 mm high D5 insert frame or the 5 mm high spacer strip from the CONSERVO-DISTANCE and use a corrugated cardboard instead to fill the interior space. Conversely, you can order the spacers at a later date if you do not need them for the time being.


Especially for temporary exhibitions, the following applies: the greater the insertion depth, the more variable the possible uses of the frame. Corrugated cardboard is ideal, along with background cardboard in 0.75 to 3 mm thickness, for filling the frame in layers and varying the interior of the frame for your picture presentation.

Advantages & Properties of our corrugated boards

Extract of the KLUG quality guarantee:

  • Manufacturer's designation: Corrugated board EB 5.0 bzw. EBE 6.6
  • 100 % bleached cellulose
  • without usage of recycling fibres
  • free of wooden fibres
  • lignin-free
  • acid-free (in accordance with DIN ISO 6588-1:2012
  • Alkaline buffer > 2 % natural calcium carbonate (GCC)
  • Glue neutral synthetic (without alum additive)
  • without optical brightening agents
  • Photographic Activity Test (PAT) passed in accordance to ISO 18916:2007
  • Colour shade of the upper layer: Natural white
  • can be ordered online from 130 x 130 mm up to 1200 x 1400 mm


  • DIN EN ISO 9706
  • DIN ISO 16245 - Typ A
  • NF Z 40-014
  • ANSI/NISO Z.39.48
  • DIN 6738:2007
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