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PLEXIGLAS® is especially light, sturdy and can protect sensitive exhibits from over 99% of ultraviolet rays.


PLEXIGLAS® is completely clear and is therefore extremely faithful in terms of colour reproduction. Artworks can realise their full visual potential. Due to possible electrostatic charges, it is unsuitable for works with powdered pigments – for example paste chalk, charcoal, red chalk or pencil. Traces might be seen on the pane as impurities.


PLEXIGLAS® Gallery UV 100 is available in three types with different properties. There is brilliant glass and glass which is matted on one side. There is also scratchproof brilliant glass with a treated surface on one side. This offers greater protection against scratches, abrasions and chemicals.


PLEXIGLAS® is a 3 millimetre thick acrylic glass. It weighs less than mineral glass and is softer, hence more susceptible to scratches. Its edges are blunt even if unpolished and therefore present no risk of injury.


Before use, remove the protective film from both sides. If you choose brilliant scratchproof PLEXIGLAS®, the scratchproof surface is clearly marked on delivery.


It is advisable to use an antistatic cleaning agent for plastics and a soft cleaning cloth. You can also clean the sensitive PLEXIGLAS® surfaces with water.

PLEXIGLAS® = reg. trademark of Röhm GmbH, Darmstadt.


Comparison: Glass for picture frames

Top: Brilliant glass, Middel: Matt/anti-reflective glass, Bottom: Non-reflecting glass for museum


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A satisfied customer says

Oluwatoba Popoola 11 Apr 2021

So far, I haven’t got…

So far, I haven’t got any complaints about the product. I found the packaging top notch and superb.
I must also say you have good customer service and since this is not the norm especially in Germany, it’s worthy of praise. Keep it up.


A critical customer says

Julia R 28 May 2021

Leicht, gute Qualität.…

Leicht, gute Qualität. Die elektrostatische Aufladung ist teilweise suboptimal, aber das liegt nunmal am Material.

21 Jun 2022

Für die Verwendung in…

Für die Verwendung in der Schule sehr gut geeignet, da leichter und weniger zerbrechlich als Glas.

29 May 2022

Qualität gut und nicht…

Qualität gut und nicht Überteuert,,,,,,,

13 May 2022

Passgenau, sauber…

Passgenau, sauber geschnittene Kanten und sichere Verpackung.

30 Apr 2022

Sehr schönes Glas für…

Sehr schönes Glas für hochwertige Drucke

21 Mar 2022

Das Plexiglas (m/g)…

Das Plexiglas (m/g) vermindert Spiegelungen in großem Maße.

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