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Stand for magnetic frames

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Specially for standing up.

With our new stand you can now beautifully and safely set up your magnetic frames on your furniture rather than hanging them on the wall. Depending on the magnetic frame variant, the stand is suitable for up to 300 x 400 mm order format. Order our inexpensive stand now to be completely flexible with how you want to use your frame. Of course, the stand can be upgraded and is compatible with the previously purchased magnetic frames (excluded from this are special items without the standard "key hole" for single-point hanging on the back side of the frame).

A tilt angle of around 15 degrees provides good stability of the frame and at the same time a comfortable viewing angle for the picture. As always at HALBE, we paid careful attention to every detail during the development phase. The result is an accessory that can be implemented in the easiest way possible and safely locked.

The grey tone of the stand harmoniously matches the metal components on the back of the magnetic frame. It looks light and subtle. The stand only barely touches the furniture. The combination of the highest possible precision and glass-fibre reinforced material make this stand very durable and an outstanding product in the segment of stand-up picture frames.



Stand for magnetic frames - quickly explained in the video:



  • Usable up to approx. 300 x 400 mm order format
  • For magnetic frame variants Classic, Distance, B1, Conservo
  • For aluminum frames Alu 6, Alu 8, Alu 12, Alu 14
  • For wood frames Wood 10, Wood 16, Wood 20
  • Tilt angle of frame approx. 15 degrees (depending on profile/frame variant)
  • Material: Plastic, fibre glass reinforced
  • Colour: Pearl grey
  • Stand length measured starting from back side of frame: approx. 75 mm
  • Upgrade for all magnetic frames with standard "key hole" for single-point hanging
  • Versatile for private and commercial use
  • Shipped in beautifully designed card board packaging, including instructions of use
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A satisfied customer says

J. W. 29 Nov 2017

Sehr praktisch

Eine sehr schöne Ergänzung für meine kleinen Rahmen. Die Aufsteller lassen sich einfach eindrehen (beim ersten Einsetzten geht es noch ein wenig stramm) und sitzen ohne zu wackeln fest im Rahmen. Sehr schön!


A critical customer says

Hans Einspanier 11 Nov 2020

Uns hat die frühere…

Uns hat die frühere Metall Ausführung ohne Logo viel besser gefallen. Dieser neue Aussteller aus Plastik ist ungelenker am Rahmen anzubringen und ist für Wiederverkäufer wegen dem HALBE Logo leider ungeeignet. Schade.

22 May 2021

Top Produkt

Top Produkt

28 Jan 2021

Sehr praktische, schnelle…

Sehr praktische, schnelle und solide Lösung, um z.B. den Alu-Magnetrahmen aufzustellen.

26 Jan 2021

Funktional sehr gut,…

Funktional sehr gut, optisch "eher praktisch".

14 Dec 2020

cleveres Teil zum…

cleveres Teil zum günstigen Preis

18 Nov 2020

Fnktioniert bestens!

Fnktioniert bestens!

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