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Picture Frames for Postcards: Small Format Comes Out Big

Everyone likes to receive postcards - the greetings from loved ones who are currently travelling to distant countries fill us with anticipation of our own next holiday and so we like to keep them. A picture frame is the perfect way to show off your postcards, because they are way too good to be left in a drawer. HALBE shows you which frames are suitable for postcards.


The standard postcard format - so not standard at all

The size of postcards is standardized. They are usually printed in DIN A6 format and thus have a size of 10.5 x 14.8 cm. In the meantime, however, there are also numerous different shapes, be it motif postcards (e.g. in the shape of a shell) or cards in the formats DIN A5 (14.8 x 21 cm) or DIN long (11 x 22 cm).


How to find a suitable picture frame for postcards

There is no one standard format for postcards. The best way to show them off is to choose a slightly larger frame and a wide passepartout to match. This puts the subject in the centre and draws the eye away from the frame. It also creates a beautiful depth effect.

But which size is actually best suited? You can calculate this based on the size of the postcard. An example:

Your postcard has a size of 10.5 x 14.8 cm. Now add two times 3 cm on each side for the passepartout. The optimal passepartout and therefore also the perfect picture frame for this postcard have dimensions of 16.5 x 20.8 cm

With HALBE frames, you don't have to squeeze the motif into an ill-fitting picture frame. Thanks to the configurator, you simply create the picture frame and the passepartout with the exact dimensions you need.


DIY ideas for larger picture frames

Of course, larger picture frames are also suitable for postcards. They offer you lots of possibilities for free design. Try the following ideas, for example, to put your postcards in the limelight:


  • Postcard collage: combine several postcards in a large-format picture frame to create a postcard collage. Don't arrange them symmetrically, but slightly overlapping, diagonally and even mixed up so that the different motifs remain visible.
  • Holiday gallery: Choose a small picture frame format with a raised edge (e.g. DISTANCE magnetic frame), preferably in square format. Inside, place a postcard from the holiday destination you visited. Combine this with souvenirs from your holiday (e.g. admission tickets, other postcards, snapshots) until the entire background is covered. This idea looks particularly decorative if you create more and more such collages over time and then a small holiday gallery is created from them.


  • Petersburg Hanging: In the Petersburg or salon style hanging, you arrange your postcards so that together they form a large rectangle. Within this rectangle, they hang straight, but by linking different sizes and formats, you create an interesting look. This way, you place your postcards in a large picture frame format and link them together to create an exciting overall look.
  • Postcard decoration: If you place a single postcard in a frame with a passepartout, you can spice up the overall look with simple means. For example, without a special pattern, stick washi tape in matching colours across the passepartout and the corners of the postcard. Or draw small symbols with a 3D effect pen. There are almost no limits to your imagination - the only limitation is the height of the glass structure.


Let your creativity run wild - postcards can look classy, be part of a beautiful overall picture or be individually decorated with small elements. But one thing is certain: with high-quality picture frames for postcards, they will look perfect in the future.