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Museum Get-Together 2016 - with HALBE

Museums communicate

Under the motto "Museum communicates" 9 speakers talk about their museums and their projects, including the museum of Klippenstein Castle in Radeberg, the Folkwang Museum in Essen, the Historische Museen Hamburg foundation and the National Military Museum of Holland in Soest. The hosting museum for the event organised by is the German History Museum (Deutsches Historisches Museum) in Berlin.

Some 250 partcipants from small and large museums throughout Germany gathered to discuss urgent topics such as digitalization, younger target groups and alternative sources of revenue. During breaks, visitors conversed with other guests and exhibitors.

Frames for museums

Besides other exhibitors from the exhibiting and museum technology branches HALBE was one of the leading companies for picture presentation and demonstrated the magnetic frame principle as well as special picture frames for museums – the Conservo and Protect frames. That is because HALBE has the perfect solution to meet even special requirements such as optionally humidity-stabilizing framing or individual profiles and frames.