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LYS - An Hommage to the Light of the North

LYS - Photo exhibition at the Stadtmuseum Schleswig

Four years, four countries, two photographers, one aesthetic signature for the whole North - LYS. "Lys" - the Norwegian and Danish word for light could not be more fitting for a project dedicated to the magical light of the North!

Over a period of four years, renowned nature photographers Sandra Bartocha and Werner Bollmann have travelled the landscapes of Scandinavia - in the glow of the midnight sun, under the dancing northern lights, in the snowstorm over the tundra, and on the calm waters of the archipelago, always in search of the inner essence, the soul, of the Nordic landscapes and their fauna and flora. They travelled from the sparse Danish forests in the south to the blue glaciers in the north, from the storm-swept Norwegian coast in the west to the endless forests of Finland in the east.

Inspired by this vastness, silence and loneliness, a homage to the magical light of the North was created, now united in this poetic exhibition at the Stadtmuseum Schleswig.



Exhibition dates

Period: 15.12.2017 to 11.03.2018
Opening hours: Tue to Sun 10am-5pm

City Museum Schleswig
Friedrichstraße 9-11 - 24837 Schleswig


Picture frames used

For the exhibition a total of 52 x Classic magnetic frames were used in the version Holz 16, maple white, without glass. The following frame sizes were used:

  • 30x40cm (6x)
  • 50x70cm (10x)
  • 50x100cm (2x)
  • 70x70cm (4x)
  • 70x100cm (17x)
  • 70x140cm (10x)
  • 100x140cm (3x)


The photographers

Sandra Bartocha (*1980) from Potsdam and Werner Bollmann (*1966) from Kiel have been working as professional nature photographers for many years and have published several books during their career ("Nordic Moments", "Müritz National Park" and "Photo School in Pictures - Nature Photography").

Their pictures have been awarded in major international photography competitions (e.g. "Wildlife Photographer of the Year", "GDT European Nature Photographer of the Year", "International Photography Awards") and have been published in magazines and presented in exhibitions worldwide.

Sandra Bartocha is editor-in-chief of the magazine "Forum Naturfotografie", and Werner Bollmann works for this magazine as an editor.
The two photographers share an almost congruent conception of visual aesthetics and a great love of the European North. |