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Back to nature with photographs

Photography exhibition Down to earth by Denis Piel

The Phillips in London presented Down to earth, an exhibition by renowned photographer Denis Piel, from 5 February to 16 February 2018. On display were over 40 photographs, all thematically concerned with sustainable living in the natural world. Fertility and abundance are captured with a certain sense of eroticism in these photographs. The focus is always on the indispensable connection to nature.

"DOWN TO EARTH is a personal body of work, inspired by the return to basics and to express some of my more personal concepts of life, away from the artificial language of fashion and advertising" - Denis Piel



Frames in use

The series is presented in picture frames from HALBE, which support the straightforward and simple presentation of the photographs. This allows the photographs to unfold their full effect. Not only do the photographs look stunning, but they also stand for a good cause, as 10 percent from the sale of the works will benefit the Soil Association. This organization is dedicated to improving the future of food and agriculture and thus fits perfectly with Denis Piel's philosophy.