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f³ - Freiraum für Fotografie Opening

With about 500 visitors, the evening of the opening on 05 April was a brilliant success. The f³ (Freiraum für Fotografie - free space for photography) in Berlin is a brand new initiative of the Society for Humanistic Photography with its own exhibition space. Five to six exhibitions of international author photography will be presented. In addition, regular discussion events, workshops and talks with photographers take place.

The rooms were equipped with HALBE frames. The black wooden frames not only beautifully support the expressive black and white photographs, but also make the exchange of photographs during exhibition changes particularly easy and quick.

The current and first photography exhibition "A LIFE IN DEATH" by Nancy Borowick can be viewed at f³ until 31 May. In her long-term reportage she documents the life of her parents who suffered from cancer. With great respect, she visualizes their experiences, the changing dynamics and daily interactions of spouses who share infinitely more than this challenge - images marked by love and loss. The series won the World Press Photo Award in the Long-Term Project category in 2016.

Photos: Holger Biermann (image 1-5), Heike Overberg (image 6-9), Matt Borowick (image 10)