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Counselling Centre Amalie and REM Mannheim show "Faceless - Women in Prostitution"

About the exhibition

The exhibition "gesichtslos - Frauen in der Prostitution" (faceless - Women in Prostitution) is dedicated to a social taboo topic: women in prostitution. They are confronted daily with hiding their true identity. In society, they hide their faces, dreaming "facelessly" of another life. The exhibition is based on testimonies of women who work in prostitution. They are often women who have left their home countries to escape the lack of prospects there and start a new life under better conditions in Germany. But reality looks different.

Photographer Hyp Yerlikaya accompanied the women with his camera for over two years together with the Amalie Counselling Centre. In his pictures, he captures people, situations and places using staging techniques. A total of 40 pictures and accompanying texts tell the story of these women - their fears and worries, but also their dreams and hopes. Although the Prostitution Protection Act came into force in 2017, the majority of these women lead a life away from social perception. Only a few of them succeed in getting out. The aim of this project is to make prostitutes in Germany visible to society and to stimulate a public discourse about their often precarious living and working conditions.

The Amalie Counselling Centre of the Diakonisches Werk Mannheim has been offering women in prostitution help, counselling and support in stressful life situations since 2013.

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About the frames

The black and white photographs are shown to their best advantage in the white CLASSIC Alu 8 magnetic frames. Without distracting from the motif, the simple picture frames stand out clearly from the wall and provide the perfect stage for each work on display. Each picture also comes with a short text that tells the story behind it. For this, additional white CLASSIC frames in a custom format were chosen. The result is an overall harmonious exhibition.


© Images:

Poster motif: © Hyp Yerlikaya

Remaining photos: © rem, Photo: Rebecca Kind