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How to Frame Jerseys Elegantly

We all have one or the other item with a particularly high emotional value in our closet. Whether it's your child's first onesie, costumes from performances, or jerseys from your favorite team - they deserve a place of honour on your wall! We will show you how to frame these mementos with style and ease.


The special jersey frame from HALBE

For jerseys and other pieces of fabric, HALBE offers a special Jersey Frame in addition to the classic DISTANCE object frames. Within the standard dimensions of 90 x 90 cm, jerseys or other items of clothing of all sizes can be attractively presented - regardless of whether they are short or long-sleeved.

As usual at HALBE, however, you have the option of customising the jersey frame on request in addition to this standard variant. Thus, all dimensions between 210 x 210 mm and 1200 x 1200 mm are possible - and you can choose from a wide variety of profile colours.


Jersey frame or DISTANCE magnetic frame?

The main difference between the DISTANCE and the jersey frame is the background cardboard. It is magnetic in the jersey frame, so that thin materials such as fabric or paperwork can be attached easily with small magnets. This has a number of advantages:

  • In contrast to fastening with pins, for example, the garments remain intact and can be invisibly attached in the frame.
  • With the small magnets, all items can be readjusted quickly and easily so that they always sit perfectly in the frame. 10 magnets are already included in the delivery.
  • No traces are left on the background cardboard either. This means that the jersey frames can be decorated again and again with new mementos. There are no limits to your creativity!


This is how it works


First open the magnetic jersey frame by gently pressing on the glass to remove the outer frame. Take out the glass and the spacer bars.


Now you can arrange your object(s) on the background cardboard. Try different compositions until you are satisfied with the result.


Then you can easily fix the content with the included magnets. For larger pieces, make sure that the magnets are placed at regular intervals, not too far apart, so that they hold the weight securely.

Tip: For clothing items, you can conveniently hide the magnets under the front layer so that they are held visually invisible in the frame.


Once everything is well fixed, the spacer bars and glass can be reinserted and the frame closed. Now all that's left to do is get your precious keepsake up on the wall! You can find all the tips on our various hanging systems here.

In our extensive knowledge area you will also find even more detailed instructions for mounting in the jersey frame and much more on the subject of picture frames.