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Small difference, big effect - design option for the Distance magnetic frame

With the Distance magnetic frame from HALBE, delicate works on paper or three-dimensional objects can be stylishly displayed. With its integrated magnetic spacer bars, the object frame ensures a firm distance to the glass and thus the necessary depth effect for the works. Like all picture frames from HALBE, it can be opened magnetically, and every work of art is ready to be framed in no time at all.


The spacer bar - mediator between glass and picture

For the perfect appearance, you can adapt the DISTANCE exactly to your needs in the configurator. In addition to format, insertion depth, profile and various accessories, there are also a number of choices for the colour spacer bars which run around the inside of the frame and ensure the distance between the glass and the work.


Matching our cardboard colours, the spacer bars are available in white, matt silver and black. Therefore, the classic choice is a spacer strip in the colour of the background cardboard or passepartout, so that it blends as seamlessly as possible into the frame.


Small change - big effect

However, there is another exciting design option that is rarely used: In some cases, the spacer strip can also be chosen to match the overframe. Particularly with a black distance frame made of wood or aluminium, black spacer bars can look great - even in combination with a white background board. Here they set a special accent, the depth effect is enhanced and the eye is drawn to the picture even more:


For comparison: white and black spacer bars in the black DISTANCE with white background cardboard 


The black DISTANCE with spacer bars anodised to match the profile makes the picture the star. It is really highlighted and can unfold its full effect. The same applies to frames in silver, for example. Combined with silver spacer bars, an object frame in silver becomes an absolute eye-catcher.


The DISTANCE in matt silver aluminium with silver spacer bars


The insert frame D5 can also be colour-matched in this way. It is available in the same colours as the spacer bars of the DISTANCE and is inserted as a 5mm high spacer between the glass and the picture in the CLASSIC or other magnetic frame variants. The insert frame is just as visible inside as the DISTANCE strips - and can therefore be chosen to match either the background board or the overframe. However, it cannot be combined with the profiles Alu 6, Alu 8, Holz 10 and Holz 16.