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Stars & starlets: How to design a youth room with posters

Picture frame: The most flexible solution for posters in the youth room

Regular redecorating is no problem at all if you use picture frames to hang the posters in the youth room. The posters are not damaged and are safely stored. If a different motif is in, simply remove the picture and replace it with another. With hardly any other solution is your sprout so flexible in the decoration in the youth room.

Picture frames are no longer as difficult to use as they once were. With modern magnetic frames, even large motifs up to 2.5 metres long can be comfortably framed by just one person.

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Fixing options for simple posters: Sticking on is better than sticking off

To attach posters without much effort and without leaving any residue, use these options, for example:

  • Adhesive strips: Adhesive strips hold beautifully on a smooth plaster, but are visible despite being transparent.
  • Double-sided adhesive tape: On smooth surfaces it holds well and is invisible.
  • Poster adhesive: Suitable for many surfaces and can be removed without leaving any residue - poster adhesive is a sensible alternative.
  • Magnets: Paint the wall with a ferromagnetic colour and attach the posters with small mini magnets. This makes it particularly easy to change the motifs.

Tip:Alternatively, you can also stick posters on, for example, a canvas, a pinboard or even a wooden board. This makes it sturdy and can also be used as a memo board or an improvised coat rack (simply twist a few hooks into the wood or use drawing pins).


Deco ideas with posters: More pep in the youth room

With a little craftsmanship and the right ideas, you can transform your child's teenage room into their own personal kingdom in no time at all. How about these decoration ideas, for example:

  • Books: use posters as covers for your child's favorite books.
  • Photo comic: Make a photo strip or collage out of several related posters. Even cooler: make speech bubbles with white paper and black marker and put words in the mouths of the people pictured.
  • Shelf: Tape a wine or fruit crate to the inside bottom with an appropriately cut poster. Hang it with the bottom against a wall and use the crate as a shelf.
  • Hangers: Use clothes hangers to hang posters in a retro style. This also allows you to change the designs frequently without damaging them.
  • Letters: Form letters from numerous small picture frames of the same size to create short words (e.g. LIFE or LOVE). Alternatively, hang them in a specific shape (e.g. a heart).
  • Mirror: Remove the glass from an old, squiggly mirror. Put the poster in the frame instead - perfect retro chic for modern teen rooms.

Why not try one of these suggestions or implement your own ideas? There's no limit to your imagination when it comes to spicing up your child's teen room with posters!