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Picture lock BS 2 (Discontinued Item), with screws and plugs FISCHER Duopower 6 x 30

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BS 2 Safety Device

The BS 2 safety device is ideal for frames with one hanging point that need protection. With the BS 2 safety device the magnetic frame hangs more safely than with a nail or an angled hook. Fast removal is prevented.

The BS 2 is screwed to the wall, the frame is then mounted at the upper central hole. Screws and plugs (fischer DuoPower 6 x 30) are included in the delivery.

Tips for hanging and mounting: First, the frame is panned 45 degrees to the right, then slid onto the BS 2 element and panned back down to the left. The frame is secured by two retaining lugs in the central hole on the back. It can only be removed if you pan the frame 45 degrees to the right and take it off from the front.

Please note: Depending on the size of the frame, there must be a minimum distance to the adjacent frame or other elements on the wall. If you wish to hang several frames side-by-side, start hanging frames with a BS 2 from left to right.

The BS 2 safety device is best suited for smaller formats of up to 700 x 1000 mm.

The BS 2 is available while stock lasts. For professional and theft-proof wall hanging of a magnetic frame, we recommend you use the safety device BS 4.

Type: Zubehör
Picture lock: BS 2
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18 Nov 2023

schon ziemlich fummelig…

schon ziemlich fummelig zum Aufhängen, aber gut erstens minimaler Preis, zweitens Auslaufprodukt.

17 Oct 2023

Super einfach Montage…

Super einfach Montage durch die Konstruktion.

4 Oct 2022

Einfache Montage und…

Einfache Montage und fester Halt. Top.

1 Mar 2021

Einmalige Idee, einzige…

Einmalige Idee, einzige auf Markt in dieser Form

8 Feb 2021

Benutze die Bildsicherung…

Benutze die Bildsicherung schon lange und bedaure, dass sie aus dem Sortiment genommen wird.