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Framed pictures: The personal gift for every occasion

With a HALBE magnetic frame, every picture is set in scene in a flash

Churches, January 14, 2020 - What do you give grandma for her 80th birthday, your girlfriend for a barbecue or your colleague for a company anniversary? No matter whether a photo from times gone by, a crayon drawing of the children or a watercolour is to be given away - framed pictures have a higher quality effect and express appreciation towards the presentee. A wealth of ideas and aesthetic flair are required for framing. HALBE -ahmen(www.halbe-rahmen.de/en/) knows the tricks, how one sets on small and large art treasures most different way perfectly in scene. Whether rectangular or square, aluminium or wooden frame, with or without passepartout - the framing must set the picture perfectly in scene. The magnetic frames from HALBE allow framing from the front and combine timeless design with many years of durability.


The personal gift for every occasion

What to bring as a small present to an invitation, party or other special event? A smart idea is needed. A picture says more than a thousand words - photos are like treasure chests, they preserve the memories of beautiful moments. But even a small sketch, modern illustration or an unusual postcard motif will make hearts beat faster. Stylishly framed, even the smallest attention appears valuable.


The colour of the moulding influences the image

In general, the picture frame gives a picture support - in both senses. It helps any art object, no matter how small, to unfold its full radiance and to stand out from its surroundings. In principle, the type of moulding andcolour of the frame should match the style of the picture. It is advisable to frame watercolours and graphics in narrow mouldings made of real wood or high-quality metal, such as the Gold Edition of HALBE frames. Mouldings in natural oak show the finest wood grain and are timelessly beautiful. White glazed frames lend a special radiance to colourful motifs. Black and silver-coloured mouldings, on the other hand, are ideal for black and white photographs, etchings and charcoal sketches.


Square - the format with aha effect

There are many motifs worthy of framing, but not all of them are rectangular or have an aspect ratio of 2:3. Pictures that are framed square have a particularly appealing effect. It makes no difference whether a motif is framed with or without passepartout. The unusual format generally demands its attention - regardless of whether it later finds its place among many pictures in a Petersburg hanging on the wall or on a sideboard. "More and more art lovers are choosing square photo frame, to give their small pictures the desired aha effect. Frames in the 21 x 21 cm format are particularly popular," says David Halbe, managing director of HALBE-Rahmen GmbH.


passepartout - the classic stylistic device

The use of a passepartout for framing under glass is an important stylistic device and is one of the most original forms of picture presentation. Especially pictures in the format below 10 x 10 cm require a disproportionate passepartout, so that the viewer's eye is drawn to them. colour and structure of the passepartout cardboard should be chosen carefully. You basically can't go wrong with a white cardboard. A slightly muted shade of white or even a black cardboard goes perfectly with older pictures and black and white photographs. Pure white mounts are modern and perfect for recent photographs and contemporary illustrations.


HALBE Magnetic frames - innovation inside and out

The best quality combined with high-quality workmanship are the be-all and end-all for every frame from HALBE, no matter how small. The flush 45 degree mitre of the profile strips is hardly visible - let alone tangible - due to careful handwork. The robust profile frames, whether in aluminium or wood, are connected by embossed steel angles in the four corners and guarantee a durability that is second to none. The magnetic frame principle allows a picture to be framed easily and conveniently from the front - without turning over, clamps or tools. Thanks to the magnetic opening and closing, any art object, no matter how small, can be framed in a flash.


Frame-stand with a difference

The framestand, which comes with every photo frame, is also impressive. Folding away or falling over are a thing of the past with the stable stand from HALBE. It is simply inserted on the back of the frame in the middle of the "keyhole" on the short or long side. A small turn to the right locks the stand firmly to the frame. If the picture is to be hung, simply remove the stand from the frame and hang the frame using the holes provided.



"A picture is worth a thousand words" - with a framed picture you give a personal pleasure on every occasion.



Child's play framing - the magnetic frame principle of HALBE allows a picture to be framed easily and conveniently from the front - without turning over, clamps or tools. 



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