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Golden picture frame - furnishing with gold is the trend

After its great appearance in the twenties, sixties and seventies, the luxury metal gold is experiencing a revival. More and more designers are presenting lamps, tables, cabinets and accessories with gold elements at international interior trade fairs. The shimmering warmth emanating from the colour gold is reflected in the interior. A golden picture frame radiates a touch of luxury, is timelessly beautiful and sets stylish accents. However, the right dosage and placement are important to ensure that it comes into its own perfectly, because too much gold quickly seems kitschy. Shiny gold furniture and accessories such as picture frames in gold are classics all year round, even if they are reduced to a minimum in the living room.


Gold picture frames: a true all-rounder 

The colour gold is a synonym for the best and is not only clean and noble, it harmonises with many materials and colours. Matt gold elements discreetly enhance light fabrics such as velvet or silk. In combination with pink or pink-coloured details it looks soft and fresh. Golden picture frames radiate a luxurious atmosphere with dark tones. It forms a fantastic contrast to black and white and transforms the apartment into a place with character. A golden picture frame is a decoration for the room and underlines the different styles.


Golden picture frames: timeless, stylish, elegant

Basically three factors are important when framing: What should be framed? Where should it hang? And what is the personal taste like? The possibilities of picture presentation are as versatile as the pictures themselves. Many details have to be considered when choosing the right frame. The picture frame should never compete with the picture. It is for the picture "stage and body" at the same time. A picture frame in precious metal colour enhances a photo, watercolour, lithograph or sketch. A light-looking, bright picture is quickly crushed if the strip is too solid. A narrow golden frame profile is timelessly beautiful and sets the work of art in scene everywhere in the home with an "aha effect". With the two slightly rounded edges, the aluminium 6 profile in gold matt looks particularly filigree. The golden frames are available up to a size of 70x100 cm.